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Billy Kidd | billykidd (b.1980, USA) - Heather Huey was shot by Billy Kidd

The work of New York based photographer Billy Kidd is simple, minimal and emotional. He uses photography as a medium to express what he sees beauty to be, through the form of similar objects i.e nudes and flowers or nerves and trees. Billy founds his inspiration in his life, his love, his family, his friends and his adventures. He says: “I am my art and family.”

Billy is preparing his first exhibition in Soho, NY at Clic Gallery on September 2012 and is selling prints, polaroids, and his limited edition book through KickStarter to raise funds. The project “Heather Huey was shot by Billy Kidd is a love story. “We have and still are creating a body of work that doesn’t objectify or sexualize the female body, but celebrates the maturing nature of what a woman is. We’ve combined that with Heather’s designs to help abstract the process, to focus more on the tones, textures and form of what she is. She is the love of my life and the perfect description of the female body.” (Interview with artist by ARTchipel Mar-2012) You can support Billy’s 1st exhibition project here.

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(Source: artchipel)